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About Us

FORMIX, is a Middle East and Africa Company specialized in manufacturing and distributing home decoration products such as Cornices, Central panels, Domes, Corners, Pillars, and Boards; is committed to take the home decoration industry to a new era by providing products and services that exceed architects and consumers’ expectations. Because we are concerned about helping our consumers decorate their dream homes, we only provide eye catching designs at competitive.


Fire Resistance:
Made of non-combustible material.
Sound Insulation:
Excellent sound insulation.
All Paint Materials:
Accepts all types of paints.
Smooth Touch:
High quality finishes that require only one paint layer.
Heat Insulation:
Made of natural, thermally nonconductive material.
Constracted from high quality, non-toxic materials.
Easy Coloring:
Accepts all types of color painting to satisfy different tastes.
Fast Installation:
Reduces installation time to just few hours.
No expansion or contraction due to temperature change.
Enviroment Friendly:
Made of natural mineral material
Different Size:
Slim, medium, and wide sizes.
Easy Installation:
Does not need experienced labor for installations.
Insect Proof:
Resistant to insect and fungal attack.
Strong & Durable:
Reinforced with double high quality strand of fiberglass.
Wide Selections:
Wide selections of beautifully crafted decorative models.
Light Weight:
Made of strong, yet light materials.





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