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About Us

FORMIX, is a Middle East and Africa Company specialized in manufacturing and distributing home decoration products such as Cornices, Central panels, Domes, Corners, Pillars, and Boards; is committed to take the home decoration industry to a new era by providing products and services that exceed architects and consumers’ expectations. Because we are concerned about helping our consumers decorate their dream homes, we only provide eye catching designs at competitive.

Our Vision

FORMIX will become a leading provider of home decoration products to Middle East and Africa countries. We will grow by continually providing superior decoration solutions to gain our consumers trust and loyalty. We will be the preferred and most trusted resource for the home decoration products and services that touch everyone’s life and make the dream homes come true.
Our Mission
Our mission is to be the consumer's first choice for home decoration products by delivering innovative products of beautiful designs, outstanding quality, and great service at competitive cost through understanding our customer's expectations of dream homes and working faster and simpler to meet these expectations.
Our Business
One of our several focuses is to delight our customers with the finest touch designs that will make everyone's home a piece of decorated art. Our commodities include cornices, central panels, cornices corners, domes, roman pillars, wall light diffusers, and boards. To be able to meet expectations of different consumers' taste, FORMIX provides wide selection of beautifully crafted products.

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